One Day Summit Formula 

An Online Entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money (even if you are just getting started)!

“Ever Feel like everyone else has an unfair advantage?  Like they already have a list, or resources, or funnels, or a product, and you are just trying to catch up?  The One Day Summit Formula Finally Gives You That Winning Advantage

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Mark T Wade

Hustle & Scale

This is one of the most powerful techniques any Online Entrepreneur can use to quickly grow their list with QUALITY leads that convert into paying customers.  From Influencer To Side Hustler the "One-Day Summit Formula" is the PROVEN strategy to grab that winning advantage whether you have zero resources, no following or a small list.  

 Most importantly, unlike the typical Virtual Summit, the ODS can be done in as quick as 30 days. This is your solution to finally grow your list with qualified leads, that convert into profit while building your authority.   

Try it once and you will quickly see why this is the most powerful lead generation strategy on the planet!

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